Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Altered Trinket Box

I found a tatty old box at work one morning and thought, I could alter that. It was a box like you get for favours, inside were some tiny shells. So bought it home to alter. I started by painting it with acrylic metallic silver paint. Then using the glitz glitter glues used the palest blue colour, this gives it the bluish effect. I added some blue skeleton leaves around the box and glittered. Then added a row of shells and also added some sparkle to them. The lid was done in the same way as the body with the exception of the tiny blue beads, these were added and using a beaded starfish I added a diamonte gem to the centre. To complete I used a lenght of pretty white lace. It sort of reminds me of the old style shell boxes my gran used to have, and the lace gives it that victorian style look. Inside is painted silver and at the bottom I have covered with a small piece of black felt. Enjoyed this little project.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Altered Domino Box

I bought some cheap domino's and they came with a little carry case, I thought it would be nice to alter the case and make it into a small jewellery box. So I started to peel off the cheap looking plastic and down to the wood. Then using glue and old bits of newspaper I covered it to give it strength. Then covered in a layer of mulberry paper to give it texture. Finally covering with Silver acrylic paint. I wanted to glitter it up a little so then using light green sparkles glitter glue I brused it all over. Let it dry then added some gems to add a bit more sparkle. The shells are tiny and have a mother or pearl effect on them, I brushed over with the same colour sparkle glitter glue. Finally the butterfly, using a die cut shape from the cuttlebug range, I covered with sequins, sticking them on one by one, bit of a task but better effect than using a string of them. The antenna is gold beads on wire with a pearl for the top, then the body part I used clear diamond gems. Inside I covered with dark green felt to place jewellery on. All in all I was quite pleased with the end result.
Easy to make and fun to do happy crafting.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

For Anna

No matter how much we try there is always not enough time or days to fit everything into our busy lives. Something always gets in the way of what we really want to do or take part in. It's not until something sad happens that we realise we should have done that now its too late. Today I am dedicating my blog entry to a work colleague and friend Anna, who sadly passed away yesterday after a long battle with illness. Anna loved the garden and birds, and once when we chatted over a coffee, she mentioned about the robin in her garden and how it followed her everywhere, we both laughed and joked about how we thought they were there to watch over us. So Anna I'm sorry I never knew you were so ill and I hope you come visit me from time to time as the Robin, some special words for you.

A lady with a heart of gold,
Precious to everyone young and old.
An angel came, carried you home,
Your journey long, the longest road.
Special dreams you once had,
Are still there to unfold.
In the place where time has no end,
You will share with friends of old.
Heavens garden now you keep,
Beautiful flowers you'll sow.
Through the Sun and rain,
It will shine on Earth as the rainbow.
Words cannot replace the space,
you have left behind,
Although we are far apart,
Forever you'll live in our hearts.

Holly (C) 2008

Sunday, 26 October 2008

SOS Cards for Forces in War Zones

Here is one of many cards I have been designing for the SOS charity. A simple yet effective card, using printed backing paper to cover the front of the card. Found a really sweet angel picture from a collection and mounted on silver mirror card, below is a verse that was on plain paper but to make it all match I used alcohol inks and blended them together, using caramel, cranberry and latte. Then mounted on silver mirror card. To add a finishing touch I tied on a length of satin ribbon in cream colour.
This charity is really important to me, I understand what it is like to have a family member overseas at Christmas time and in dangerous areas of this World. My brother was in the Falklands during the war and in Cyprus when there was trouble with the Turkish and Cypriats. It takes a few moments of my time to put a card together, so far I have made around 9 cards to send to the charity for service men and women to send back home to their families, a couple I am personally sending to them as a gift of Christmas cheer and support.
Remember our service men and women they do a dangerous and brave job, they are not supported enough by this country, they need our support and need to know we are behind them and that we care.
Enough said!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Christmas Tag

I designed this tag for a competition that was held in a craft forum I belong to. I wanted to use the same size and shape as that of the Gothic arches I had created. Using various background papers torn and edged with inks, I printed out a photograph of a lady with a violin and decided to make her into a angel using butterfly shaped wings. These I inked with alcohol inks and edged with silver pen. The Wording I found in a book of verses for Christmas and used different coloured food dye and let the colours merge into each other. This was the effect that I ended up with.
To complete I added a pretty gold and glittery woollen thread to match the colours of the tags theme.
Really enjoyed making this tag, you can also add poems or a verse on the backs of them. May make some more of these for present tags.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Autumn Altered Note book

I wanted to make a altered note book for my friend so got down to designing. First I covered the book using quite thick scrapbook papers from the Once upon a time range. Then added some lace down the side. The picture I found on the internet ages ago and thought I could make something with that. The frame is made from pearlised card then embossed using the cuttlebug folders, I quite liked the effect of this folder. To get the frame to look a bit like brass, I used alcohol inks, cranberry and caramel and blotted them on using a felt applicator. You can use tiny pom poms. Then added some bronze stamping ink. I heated the ink to help it dry then stamped all over with clear stamping ink. Then added clear embossing powder and heated once again. I repeated heating and stamping until I was happy with the results. From the same piece of card I cut out corners and attached them to the book. Also using same card I made a name tag. Down the side of the book I attached some fibres, and spaced them out along the spiral holder. Then using a domino of which I had already altered and matched with the same photo, attached using the fibres and attached small gold beads and then greek beads. I was happy with the end result as was the person I made it for....lol. Really enjoyed making this project.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Birthday Shoe

I was asked to make a special card for a friend, I suggested about making a shoe and this is what I came up with. Working on similar idea to my Wedding shoe pattern (not shown here). Using my own template I used silver holographic card, cut 2 shoes, then stuck together placing a short length of ribbon inside. I decorated with pearlised leaves and tiny rose buds and rose heads, to add a special effect I added a tiny butterfly from pearlised card. Added another pearlised heart shape and placed sliver numbers for 21st. To complete I added a birthday tag using silver thread to tie around the ribbon and placed a tiny silver bow. You can click on the photo to view the detail.
I enjoyed making this little shoe, I will try and place some wedding ones on the blog when time allows.
Happy crafting

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Altered Hot Choc Pot

I found a really nice shaped hot choc pot while working at the day centre so thought it a good idea to alter it into a nice vase
or pencil holder. This pot was from the Options range. Just take off the outter covering which is easy to remove, then cut the top off by using a blade or scalpal, take care not to cut off your fingers...lol. The patterned look is made by using alcohol inks just dab on with a pom pom or cotton wool ball. I advice that you use rubber gloves to protect your hands when using these inks as they do stain, hence I had pink fingers. Once the ink is dry which does not take that long then add some gold ink, I used a gold ink pad and dabbed it over for some reason it reacted with the inks and spread out a bit making the pattern look like tiny flowers. I then used my heat gun to gently dry the gold ink take care too much heat and you will have a melt down. I then went all over the pot with a clear ink stamp then used enchanted gold embossing powder and sprinkled all over, then back to the heat gun, this sealed all of the colours and added the sparkle. I wanted the pot to be more shiney so to finish I just brushed over with the 3-D embossing varnish. I added a gold ribbon at the top and placed tiny beaded flowers and the same around the middle of the pot. I used a really heavy glue like u-hu glue to fix the ribbon and flowers. The Butterfly is a die cut out of silver card, I added some caramel alcohol ink and built it up, then added clear embossing ink and covered with clear embossing powder and heated with the heat gun. Gived the butterfly a glossy finish, I attached this with a sticky dot bostick ones work the best and added more glue the leaves were attached to the butterfly so everything is held in place.
Hope you like this project, its really simple to make and you can use other ideas of covering the pots, I also made 2 more using napkins, I will try and add them to my photo gallery when time allows. Most of all enjoy your crafting.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Angel Friend Altered Box

This box was originally a plain box, It held an item of jewellery that a friend had bought, but had a really nice look about it, so I asked her if I could take it and alter it for her. I found some pretty napkins and began to cover the box with one. Once glued down I then went over with a very watery and thin layer of clear glue. To finish I then covered the whole box with 3-D varnish. For the flower this was made using a heart shaped punch, I cut out 12 hearts and layered them on 2 snowflake punched shapes. To complete added 2 gold padded butterflies. For the inside of the box, I kept the original foam packing and glued down, then cut some card and covered the card with the paper from the fantasy range. The angel is made from pearl beads a small 3mm round and a teardrop, with 2 very small beads for the bottom. At the neck I added another gold bead that was filigree shaped to represent her collar. The wings and arms are made from wire. On the inside of the box lid is wording which states......

You always seem to know,
What to do and say.
To make our friendship grow,
And brighten up my day.
I know that I am lucky,
To have a friend like you.
Someone who makes me happy,
With the things they say and do.
In my heart I hold each memory,
That we have made together.
So I know you will be,
My Angel friend forever.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Beaded Fairy ATC

For this project I thought I would get out and dust off my old beading ideas. Using my own digital background design that I printed out on glossy paper. Found a cute picture in my scrapbox of a cherub and got down to creating my bead fairy. For the body I made one large sequin daisy flower, using a flower base 20mm then added a 10mm pearlised sequin flower and a Rocaille bead at 3mm. These flowers are so simple to make. Using 28 ga. wire thread through the rocaille bead or seed beads as they are sometimes called. Then twist to hold it firmly 2 twists is enough, then thread on the 10mm flower, then the 20mm flower, to keep mine in secure place I added a clear plain sequin. Then open up the wire and pull, be careful of your fingers here the wire can cut. The strands of wire now opened will keep the flower intact. For the smaller flowers repeat as above without the 20mm flower. To complete the line up just thread 3 or 4 small seed beads onto wire and twist gently to hold until you put it all together.
The Wings

For the wings I used a length of wire and threaded on
about 15 Bugle beads 2mm in size. For the first bead thread wire through then thread the other end of wire through so that you sort of tie a knot. Now continue to thread on the remaining beads. Once complete start to roll the beads gently as they do break. A couple of turns is enough. Then fasten off by twisting wire around the first bead and knot.
For the outter of the wing, I used Bugle beads 2mm in blue or pink, thread on a piece of wire about 20, then shape it around the inner beads and fasten so that you end up with a rounded shape as you can see in lulabell picture.
Putting it all together
Twist both wings together attach to the back of the cherub or picture you have, I used Bostick sticky dots to hold the wires, then added a foam pad over the top to raise the picture. Taking the largest flower make a small hole just under the body, thread both wires through the hole and open up on the backside like you would a brad, only pull it once again to that the beads are held tight. Do the same with the smaller flowers but at different distances. Also the same for the 3 beads on the wire, this time once through the hole pull tight.
I hope the beaded fairy tutorial here is easy to understand and you will have fun making one, they do take some time to get the wings right! The first one took me about 3-4 hours to design and complete.
Happy fairy crafting...lol

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Nostalgic Cards

I was helping one of the service users I care for in my work, they wanted to make some different style cards. So both of us got down to creating some new ideas. We went through endless books and catalogues, eventually coming up with the idea of nostalgic cards. The picture we covered with acetate and added gold peel off corners, then added some pretty borders of peel offs at the sides. Cutting out some of the flowers and raising them on foam pads as well as the cherub.
In all there are 5 in the set, you can swap and change ideas with each picture. The cards are A6 size and easy to create. I have added more to my photo gallery, there are still more to make to this set. After we are going to reduce the size of the pictures and make a set of atc's with them. Experimenting again...lol.
Happy crafting

Monday, 30 June 2008

ATC Collection

This week I started making some new atc's to trade, I love these little works of art, for those who are not familiar with atc's they are miniture works of art created on 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch or 64 X 89 mm card stock. I have traded many of my own atc's and have a nice collection from other artists. This atc, was made using embossed pink card brushed with different shades of red inks. I added some gold mesh and some pretty pink ribbon that holds a chippie heart coated with gold ink. To complete the heart I wrapped some organza ribbon around it and tied in a bow, the theme of this atc is 'believe your heart'.
These tiny works of art are fun to do, many artists put them up for exchange and if you are lucky you could end up with a collection from around the world. So far I have atc's from USA, UK and Malta. Here is a little sample of my other atc's

This atc was exchanged with my friend pattie, the background is of paper printed with white daisy pattern, added a strip of pretty lace and tiny silk flowers attached with brads at the centre. The photograph was given to me by a friend and I cut to fit, to complete I added a small silk ribbon bow and the wording 'without you'.
My next venture will be twinches and inches, lol! Smaller works of art, twinches are 2x2 inch and inches are just that 1x1. Should be fun and I like to experiment!
You can view more of my atc collection in the slideshow on here.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Dementia Awareness

After working with individuals with Dementia for about 8 years, I felt it would be nice to produce a card to promote Dementia awareness. Alzheimer's or Dementia will effect someone close to us in our lives within time, may it be a mother, father, grandparents, sisters or brothers. It can also develop at a young age too. People seem to forget that individuals suffering from this disease, once had a normal life. Individuals do not want sympathy, they need good care and attention, but with care of today it is not enough to full fill their needs. Many individuals need one to one care, this is hard to do when homes are unable to meet the demands. Seven individuals to one carer is a impossible task for any human to cope with, which means some individuals go without the special care they require. If you have visited this blog to view this card, then I have made a small difference, just by you reading this you are becoming aware!
This card was made with love to all those individuals I have cared for in the past, and still visit from time to time.
Enough said....Holly x

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Leanne's Note Book Lotions & Potions

For my friend Leanne I created a book cover in the magical
theme, using some of the papers from the Once upon a time
scrapbook pad. I used the 12x12 size for this project which gave me more space to work with. For the tag I used watercolour paper and brushed with a lilac ink pad. Then added the text on my printer, to give it a sparkle effect I used the sakura stardust pens in deep lavender. The fairys are stamped with dark lavender ink and then I used the gold colour stardust pen to highlight the hair and wings, also used the deep lavender pen to highlight the shoes and dress.
The lilac gems are from a kit. To make the book more fairytale like I added pretty lilac organza ribbon and fibres to the wired side then trimmed.
Inside the book I added a fairy picture framed with some of the left over paper and made a small pocket for her to place her business cards.

The book has taken me over a week to complete but I was very pleased with the final results.
For the back of the book, I used the opposite side of the paper, this time just adding one fairy flying and another sitting on the glitter box. once again I highlighted the fairys. I wanted to leave the back rather plain so that it sat on her desk better and would not wobble. To complete the set I added another altered coffee mate tin, larger in length this time. This I coloured with lilac permanent marker pens on the lid, then added a circle of paper from the unicorn themed papers in the same once upon a time book.

Wrapping the unicorn paper around the tin then sealing it. I added lilac poka dot ribbon to the bottom edge as the lid covers the top edge. To complete the lid I added magical fibres with a pink brad and let them hang to one side to represent the unicorns tail. I also added a sequin pink pen to complete. I really enjoyed making this project, I gave her the present today, I am sure she loved it. I loved it I wanted to
keep it..lol. But I know I can make another when I want to.

These books are great to cover and make very pretty
presents. I think I will continue to produce these and
venture into making some as extra gifts for
Christmas...lol..if I start now everyone should get one...lol.

Happy crafting all


Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Ooh la la gone sexy red

On a earlier post of the Ooh la la card I made, I have adapted this one in Red. I stamped in black using part of a oriental cherry blossom clear stamp. Then used gold pen and added red ribbon to lace the corsett. For the backing I used cuttlebug embossings, the darker paper was originally red but I went over it with a darker ink. Then painted on the gold using my gold pilot pen. The cirles paper is actually gold and inked over this in a lighter red. Using my fairy clear stamps I stamped the pretty design and using Dovecraft greetings stamps for the good luck.
I just love doing these corsetts you can try all sorts of threads to lace them up and stamp with all sorts of different designs and colours. Great fun to make and the end result is pretty!
Happy crafting!

Oriental Green

I was fed up of seeing red and gold oriental cards so thought I change the colours a little. Using my oriental clear stamps I stamped the background straight onto the card. Then with stardust pens went over the inks. Layered with a green colour paper from the old world stack and finally, used a cuttlebug embossing. For the embossing I glazed over with dark green ink, then added a lighter shade. I was happy with the inks. Then added a pretty picture of oriental lady someone sent me ages ago. To finish I added a green brad and some pretty glittery gold fibres.
Just love oriental cards the themes are endless and with so many cd's of backgrounds out these days I could design for years..lol.
Most of all enjoy!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Patties Birthday Book

Well once again I got down to altering another book cover,
this time in the theme of Vintage lady. The back ground is a 12x12 paper from the Heritage range. I used some tags and cut out the lock and keys, then varnished with Anita's 3-D clear gloss. Down the side and attached to the rings I added organza ribbon gold colour. Added lace and finally but not shown in this photo some cream braid. The pictures are from various papers and to finish I added a single silk flower with brad to match for I know pattie loves flowers. The back is covered with same backing paper and lace, with the addition of flapper hat and purse, locket and post card. The text on front and back are in the theme of Memories and read as follows.

'Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us' ~ Oscar Wilde.

'Memory is a crazy woman who hoards coloured rags and throws away food'

These I thought suited Pattie...lol...I am still working on the rest of the set, which comprises of a desk pot and pen. Pattie was delighted with this book and I wish her a very happy birthday on her special big day!!! Lol!!! May she have many more crafting years ahead.

We can't all be stars,but we can all twinkle.

Happy crafting all

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Oriental Lady

I made this for a friend, who loves oriental cards. I was lucky to have a cd that had oriental backgrounds, so printed one off. The picture I found while surfing the net. Layered onto gold mirror card, but embossed by using fiskars texture plates. The flowers are die cuts using the Cuttlebug machine, coloured with Whispers pens and then varnished with Anita's 3-D varnish. Placed on red polka dot ribbon. To finish off the effect I used a small red ribbon bow.
Oriental cards are great for greetings, you can also use them for men by using dragon themes. I hope to be able to place a male design on the blog when time allows.
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Special Birthday 100th

Made this quick and simple card for a dear lady who I used to care for when I worked in residential care. Using napkins as backing paper I then added one of the die cut butterflys and embossed the top. Covering it with 3-D varnish to give it more depth and to make it stand out better. Then using Dovecraft clear stamps I stamped around the edges. The lettering is just peel off numbers. To finish I added a tiny pink butterfly from the hair bands, and attached some gold fibres with a small dark pink brad. I am sure she will love this card, for she always enjoyed the outside and the garden area.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Ooh La La

Cuttlebug die cuts are great to use as toppers for cards. This die cut was of a corset, that you can lace up. I just used plain blue card then used a patterned stamp to decorate. So the shape and outline of the corset would show I used a gold pen and went around the edges. I also put gold ink around the eyelets, this made them look more original. Lacing up with a pretty fringe wool in different shades of blue and tied under.
The background was made by using the embossing folders from the Cuttlebug, I brushed over the embossing with various coloured inks until I was happy with the design. To finish the embossing off I then used the Sakura stardust blue pen to add sparkle and drew around the loops. The fancy border is made by using a stamp from the new range of Dovecraft clear stamps fantasy, perfect for borders. The blue butterflys are from hair ties, I came across these in a chemist shop and thought they would be handy so picked up 3 different colours. They are great for adding a little style to you fibres and brads.
I have added another photo of the corset in a more in
depth picture, you can see the background textures too.
I had alot of fun creating this style of card, much more than I have in the past with stamped versions, you can do alot more with this die cut, it also comes with cut out laces and a sweet little bow. I decided not to use them this time, but may well do in the future.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Cuttlebug Embossing

I was lucky enough to borrow the Cuttlebug machine from my friend Pattie for a week. During this time I managed to make endless embossed backgrounds and die cuts. This is just a sample card I put together using the Cuttlebug embossing, using a pretty yellow card, then brushing it with golden ink, it seems to make the embossing stand out more. The centre piece was from off cut card stippled with the ink pad and shaped scissors, I used the die cut butterfly shape as main then used the embossed butterfly and cut around it then layered on top. I also brushed the embossed bit with gold ink, then to finish I painted on with 3-D clear gloss finish by Anita's. Just a simple design but has a very nice effect. I would recommend the Cuttlebug to those of you who love embossing and embossed cards. It's simple and fast to create pretty cards.

A Just for Fun Card

This card was just for fun really, and also to experiment with different textures and paints and inks. Also using the watering can, flower and sunshine. The background I used a gradient in paint shop pro called morning glory, just printed it out to the size I wanted. Using pens and markers painted in the little tufts of grass and flowers. The sun is stamped and coloured using glass paints, it gave a nice effect. The fairy is also painted using glass paints as well as the flower, the middle of the flower is slightly raised using 3-D clear gloss by Anita's. I used a golden pearlised card for the watercan and then stippled with my gold pen. This card is very colourful and different from my usual range, but I really enjoyed making it and got some great ideas for using textures.
Let there be sunshine and flowers for many hours..lol.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Father's Day in the Garden

Father's Day is not far off, so I got down to some serious inspiration. I found a nice tutorial on the Create and Craft website using WS designs templates and stamps. I liked the idea of the card but wanted to design my own style using my own style watering can. This was the end result, I have listed templates that you can download and use for your own use if you choose. This design can also be used for thinking of you, just for you, whatever takes your fancy.

Using A4 white card folded, I layered with a pastel coloured background, this I printed out using a free paper, but you can use any you prefer. For the flower, I printed this from a image from a colouring book, I have added the template of the flower for you. I coloured the flower using Whispers marker pens and sakura stardust pens. For the centre I used Anita's 3-D embossing clear gloss finish. This adds depth to the flower and makes it stand out a little. The watercan I created a nice design from a picture. To get the embossed leaf effect, you need to make a template, cut out the leaves, then place the card over the template and use the embossing tool, I found this works best using pearlised card as you can see. The handle and spout and top are coloured using my gold pilot pen, then the second coat I stippled which gives it a hammered look. I printed out the flower pots from a image I found and made the sign and printed out. The pots I used white card, then using whispers marker pens I coloured in using a orange colour that resembled terracotta. Using the same colour I then went around the edge to hide any trace of the white card, then using the black I outlined the detail. For the soil effect I used the brown marker and drew what is supposed to look like soil...lol. For the 3rd pot I used a peel off garden set2 product code (XL553U) and using the spade, I coloured using the Whispers markers permanents, then attached to the card and coloured using the same green colour. Cut out and making a slight slit in the soil pushed the spade through, then attached at the back with double sides sticky tape. Using the same effect I attached the seeds sign. You can change the style and look as much as you like and everytime you get good results. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and design as much as I have making it.

Happy Crafting all


Saturday, 10 May 2008


Inspired by one of my favourite songs is how this card came about. I also used some of the songs lyrics. The ribbon reminded me of summer deckchair material. The flowers are sequins with AB beads on wire. Background papers were from a old collection. The sun face I stamped in black ink and used Sakura stardust pens to colour.
This card is rather dark in the photograph but much brighter in person. Need to get a new daylight bulb just when you need it it blows...lol.
Alexander O'Neal 'Sunshine'
Happy lazy Summer days ahead...

Friday, 9 May 2008

Feeling Oriental

As the title says I was feeling in the mood to create a oriental style card. So I just had a play about with a picture I had from the internet and it went from there. The Kimono was made from a small template I had using a background paper from the Old World mat stack. and found some nice ruby ribbon. The beads are a pretty japanese bead that I had from way back when I used to make jewellery. The picture was just printed out from my pc and I made the frame from left over backing paper from the Kimono. The tiny sequin flowers were made by threading onto craft wire with AB seed beads. The backing paper on the actual card was from my own design created on my pc.
I do enjoy creating Oriental designs this card began when I was unable to sleep due to chest infection, It helped me get through the night...lol.
Happy Crafting


Monday, 5 May 2008

Summer Themes

On a similar theme to the last card I posted, here is another with the use of chippies by Woodware. This time I tried to keep the theme in cool mint colours.

Using green mint backing paper, and layering with embossed white then silver mirror and embossed white. To give the stamped effect I used a small PM clear stamp and stamped in green ink. The medallion I used sakura stardust pens using the yellow and the green. For the centre I added a small floral gem also in green..lol. Usin polka dot ribbon and tiny gem hearts. The Chippie shape I coloured using Whispers markers then added a honey bee stamp in a darker shade of green. The end product is shown here.

The chippies are available in many designs and you can buy them from various outlets, I got these from Artymiss, the medallion stamps are available from Stamps uk

My next theme will be Sunshine....


Saturday, 3 May 2008


A bright and cheeful card that resembles Summer time. This card is for a competition in the Artykards group. Using silver mirror card then embossing it with Fiskars texture plates and layering with a summer green background paper.

I added some lace and tied this at the centre using a brad, then covered with the medallion stamp. to finish I added a cream ribbon and some odds and bobs from my craft tin. Simple and easy to make but they look like alot of work went into them.
Happy Crafting all.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Thinking on the lines of vintage, I decided to make a card that resembled a old pub sign. I came across this stamp at Artymiss, thought it was ideal for a man card.

For this card I got down to designing a background using my graphics programme, and using brushes made a musical theme. Its not shown well on the card. I then used black pearlised card for the backing. I stamped onto cream card the cheers sign. To make the sign look old and slightly worn, I added some double sided tape to the edges, then peeled it off at a angle so that I got a patterned edge. Using vintage fawn ink pad I rubbed some ink into the torn edge, this gave the darker colour. Then using vintage chalks I then brushed over with a brown, then red and finally light fawn colours. To finish I added 2 brass coloured brads as to look like old nails. I thought the card would be suitable for fathers day, I have not added any text to it.

I decided to add a little picture of my own background that I used for layering this card. Using Paint Shop Pro. Starting off with a colour that matched the theme colours I flooded a 3x3 inch square, then changing to the brush I used a range of different brushes that I had made by using black and white images. I kept layering and layering the different brushes until I ended up with the sample that is shown here. I have added more of my backgrounds to my slideshow.

This was just a play about project to start with but I think its turned out pretty good.


Monday, 14 April 2008

Whispers pens and brads

Whispers pens are great when using to change the colour of your brads. I used Whispers permanents to do these with, and some colours give a translucent effect. I also made a colour chart so that I know for future reference of what colours look like on the brads. There is not much difference when you use either plain gold or plain silver. You can also cover coloured brads too, but these tend to go darker in colour. I just brushed over these one shown here, but you can add another layer, you may want to varnish them first for if you add more colour before completely dry they do tend to become fluid again.
So now I can add any colour range to the styles of my cards and match any brad with the colours of my fibres.
You can also add glitter and if you add small blobs of clear glue you can then add another colour to the glue so you get a designer effect. The choice is endless.
Hope you enjoy trying this one out, I have added a link to the Whispers pens range just click on Whispers on this page.
Happy crafting all

Friday, 11 April 2008

Opalite Backgrounds

For this background I used Opalite inks, Crystal Blush and Glacier blue, I also used gold Ink it up.

Using black card stock, I stamped a butterfly background around the card using the glacier blue, then using my laura ashley clear stamps I used the bird in flight stamp in crystal blush, finally using a tiny bird with a ring stamp in gold ink.
This background looks very pretty when you actually see it, sometimes photographs do work no justice. I am now going to use this background for oriental atc's, I felt the design went well the the oriental theme.
It's great experimenting with your stamps and making your own backgrounds. Trouble is I spent more time playing than I did producing...haha.
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Making Backgrounds

Today I thought I would work on making some backgrounds for a couple of oriental cards. So I got out my stamps and inks and paints. The first attempt was done on plain card, I used green ink and smoothed out with baby wipe. Did not come out to the best I wanted but it did have a nice effect in the end. I then stamped in black using my new Laura Ashley stamps, I then added clear embossing powder and heated with the gun. I then used another of my LA stamps this time the bird one, and using gold ink I stamped some birds scattered here and there. The end product you can see if the picture, after I had taken this I then trimmed the edges and used shaped scissors to give the edge a nice effect. I am going to use this background with butterflys that I stamped on acetate and then coloured in with Sakura stardust pens. These make a nice effect on acetate.

The next background I decided to make on photo paper,
I love working with photo paper, the inks really blend in
and you can add water to them. For this background I used to start with lilac ink, this I pressed on with a baby wipe, it gave it a speckled effect, next I used another of my LA stamps this time a sort of butterfly and leaf stamp, using it to look like a washed out fabric effect. To complete I got a bit adventurous and decided to use my small clear butterfly stamp, as it was cheep I thought no problems if I mess it up. So I covered the stamp using my gold pilot pen, then quickly pressed onto the paper in various areas. I must admit it does give a nice gold effect to the paper, but cleaning the stamp was difficult. So if you use this idea make sure you do not use your best stamps...lol.
So I have got some nice backgrounds to play with now, I may cover one of them with acetate and add a little tag or oriental lady. I will post the cards on this blog when completed.
Till then happy crafting everyone.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Wedding Card

I was trying out my new stamp for Weddings and came up with this little idea for a simple card. The stamp is from the Do Crafts range and you can get it in most craft stores. It is wooden backed and very clear cut. The backing papers are from a range of different packs from paper wishes, from the books card makers Icy Rainbow and Romance and Wedding. I used Cranberry coloured Ink it up! to stamp with then embossed with clear embossing powder, giving it a glitter effect but still showing the colour through to match the theme. Using Pink organza ribbon 7mm width, I threaded through Gold wedding rings available at Stick n Mix, and added a little bow. Then to finish I added 3 tiny padded gold hearts, also available at Stick n Mix. The design is simple but very effective.
I have listed all online stores of where you can obtain the items I used for this project.
Happy crafting

Monday, 24 March 2008

Nursery Rhyme Swap card

For a swap in the group I belong to I came up with the following card. I started off with a picture of a cat, and from there I created 'Pussy cat Pussy cat'. Using a 6 x 6 card, I used a lemon and orange polka dot background paper, that matched the colours of the cat. I used Sakura Stardust jelly roll pens to colour in the cat, in certain areas, leaving the remaining white.
Using my technique of my cutting knife, then cut round the cat to the final shape. I then made the wording of the rhyme using plain white card, printed out in black ink and using the font Jangles. Using my earth tones chalks I darkened the card to make it look older, then using my Pilot Gold pen inked slightly around the edges. Laying a strip of polka dot orange ribbon to the edge of the backing paper, I then placed the cat and the text. I thought it a good idea to cut down the side of the ribbon and around the cat so that he stood out slightly, it all went together well. Inside the card I used the same technique as the wording on the outter of the card, and placed information about the origins of the nursery rhyme. I think this is my favourite card for a swap so far this year, I have really enjoyed making it. It would also suit a child for a birthday card, without the wording on the inside, that could be placed on the back of the card.


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Amanda's Garden Notes and Seed Tin

My friend and co worker Amanda is leaving soon, so as a gift I decided to make her something she could keep as well as use. So I remebered the coffee whitener I had used to make the flower pot and had some note pads in my room. I got to designing a cover for the book and the tin within the garden theme.

The book cover I used a 12x12 backing paper from the Once upon a time album. I then used lace to edge the book and satin ribbon. Around the rings I tied ruby organza ribbon to short ties. The scroll and flower background is plain white card stippled with ruby ink, then card embossed. Flowers are ivory and fixed together with a brad. The butterfly I outlined in Sakura Stardust pen pink and added some flower stems for the antennas. The verses came from the webside listed below.

The back of the book I used the same backing paper. I found a little stamp for a bird and inked it with black ink then embossed using black sparkle powder. The verse came from the site listed above. I used card stock white, used ruby ink pad and baby wipe, then inked around the edge but gradually pulled the ink off using the baby wipe. Fading it towards the text. Then with a lavender chalk I went over the ink edge and smoothed till I got the effect I was looking for. The card was then embossed using Fiskers texture plate, carpet side. Using my favourite Pilot super colour gold ink pen I slightly brused the curved edge, that I created by using my cutting knife. The photograph does this bird and card effects any justice, the work looks better in person as the say.

To go with the book I thought it a good idea to add a seed collection tin. Using the similar effects of the flower pot in a previous post on here, only this time I wanted to include a lid so that it would keep the seeds fresh. I managed to cover the lids original colour of gold with Whispers permanent marker, Red colour. As this was slightly transparent on the gold it gave a nice ruby colour. Just what I wanted. Keeping within the theme I added a stencil of the swirl patten I had used on the front cover of the book, using the Pilot gold ink pen. within the area of the gold leaves I added some pretty pink gem flowers. I also used one on the lid, and covered the centre circle with the backing paper. I used lace to match the book cover and satin ribbon. As it was a garden theme I added a cute lady bug kindly sent to me by a member of my group. The sequin pen is pink in colour and matches the whole set, this I

obtained from a local supermarket store in my town. The back of the tin as you will see in the photograph has got a tiny verse that incorporates what the tin is designed for. I am sure she will be delighted with the gift, she is a keen gardener and now she can save her seeds for the next season. While all her gardening notes can be placed in the book.

I certainly enjoyed making this little gift, I have got more of these tins and note books, I think they will make nice gifts for birthdays and wedding gifts. The themes are endless.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Making use of Rubbish

A few weeks back, while working at the day centre, I was looking through the scrap box. I found an empty tin and thought I could make use of this.
So I set to working on it and also made it into a demonstration for the service users to watch, and take part. The tin was originally used to hold coffee whitener so I washed and dried it. Then covered it all around with background papers using a lilac theme.
I then got together some bbq skewers these I was going to use for stems, I found some pretty lilac tissue paper and cut out some circles, I folded the circles and cut around the outter edge with crinkle scissors. The effect was like carnations.
Using glue and a circle I pushed the tissue paper to the top and shaped it like the middle of the flower, then added more layers to produce a pretty carnation. Using florist tape in green I wound from just under the last circle of tissue paper and down the stem. Once all the pieces were put together I went back to the tin and decorated it with paper flowers and gem stones, then added organza ribbon.
The tin was filled with oasis for dried flowers and the top covered with extra tissue paper, I then cut the stems of the carnations I had made and placed them into the tin.
This is the end product.
Normally I would throw away these tins, now I keep and decorate them they are great for desk tidy or flower holders or anything else that you could use them for. They would also make ideal wedding table decorations, where you could also place silk flowers or fresh flowers and put them in the green oasis.
Hope you try this little craft idea, its fun to make and the flowers are great to make too, just be careful of the bbq skewers the ends are rather sharp, I cut off the sharp bits so no one could damage themselves..lol.

Birthday Cards

My next card on the list was for my friends daughter, I made one card and then decided I did not like it for it was not so special so back to the drawing board as they say...lol.

I found a good background paper very girlie and rumaged through all my stamps, eventually finding girlie items, as in the last card I used Sakura pens stardust and used the pastel pink. Inside decorated one corner with one of my new stamps that you can line up and they give perfect results, I also used the same stamp to decorate the envalope too.

I feel it makes a nice change for the postmen and women to see a pretty letter rather than the boring plain white and brown envalopes....lol.

This is the end products hope you like what you see here and it gives inspiration to all.

Happy Crafting

Birthday Cards

This past week has been non stop designing birthday cards, there are so many birthdays in my family for the month of March, it does not stop there, for April brings another bunch. So I had to get my mind going and get down to some serious work.

For my friend I decided to design something bright and cheerful, and using a similar design to my baby cards. I used papers I had got from local craft store and had plenty of silk flowers left over from Mother's day cards so managed to mix and match, the little pictures are from a selection of clear rubber stamps by Dovecraft, the glittery effect around the images was made by using Sakura Gelly roll pens, Stardust variety. This was the end result.

Happy Birthday Carly ...lol

Monday, 3 March 2008

Crafting Weekend Cards

As I was enjoying myself so much making some new design cards I got into making baby cards for a change. I used a stamp borrowed once again from a friend and added backing papers and ribbon, I love working with pinks. These 2 cards were my work for this weekend.