Saturday, 29 January 2011

Latest Crafting

I thought it a good idea to raise money for my work funds,by making some craft items. I set off to buy some Bare Basics frames by Papermania. I bought these last year and made family members a special photo frame each.
The frame shown in the photograph is the larger frame, I started by giving the frame a good coat of normal matt emulsion. You can use acrylic paints and many others, but this seemed to give the frames a good base. Once dry I used rub-ons, this was to give the effect of wood grain. You may be able to see this in the larger picture. Once dry I covered with Anitas embossing fluid. (This I have since discovered has been discontinued dissapointing really) Once the varnish was dry or while it was drying I adapted some deep red petals into the shape of poppies, using buttons for the centre. I used plain white rubbed down with a nail file to remove the shiney surface, then used black acrylic paint.
The shapes are once again bare basics and you can find this set in most good craft stores. These were painted with gold acrylic metalic paint then brushed with glitter glue. The petals are available from Hobby craft they come in all colours, they also do a plain white, of which can be sprayed or painted different colours. This is the cheepest option.
All of the frames sold very well, a good way of making some money I raised £30.00 less the cost of the frames, they are not that expensive.
Hope you enjoy making a little project like this.