Monday, 13 February 2017


I thought I  would show some of my recent watercolours. Not sure where this is meant to be somewhere in my head that I would enjoy sitting and admire the view.
I never really seem to practice enough with watercolour paints as when I am in the mood I really enjoy using them. I think now there is more about that we can use such as inks. I found aqua inks a great way to learn the colours and becoming more fluid with the paints. I am also learning how to use wet in wet, its so relaxing and enjoyable just let it flow, easier said than done actually. I am the worst person ever for not letting go, I just see its looking ok and then I freeze for fear of messing the whole thing and having to start over. Oh the joys. But here is one I did as a practice really I never meant for it to be completed, starting with the sky then it evolved into some summer meadow. But I hope you enjoy seeing it.
The next painting is my favourite to do but much
more is needed to perfect such a scene. I can see lots wrong with it so this now allows me to improve on these. I mounted these both up and put them onto cards, these will be for family only for I know they will be a keep sake.
I have found since learning to paint how much I enjoy looking at the sky and observing colours. Even trees taking in their shapes and leaves colours etc. I love to go out in the car in the summer and admire the countryside when possible so much to see and witness. Before I hardly noticed clouds and trees, now a sunset is the best time of my day and early morning mists.
What ever you doing today enjoy look around you and take in the view you will be surprised at what you will see.
Happy painting

A little bit of watercolours

I started this card off using watercolour paper and
messing with some fluid washes of watercolour paints.
once dry I used Sheena Douglas stencil and used my watercolour sponge to add a darker green. Using some stamps for bushes and twigs as well as some drawn by myself to add a woodland effect.
The Faerie is a stamp from Crafters companion. Using watercolour card this time to cut out and raise I used watercolour paints and inks to colour her.
Please excuse the marking on the photo I used as these are normally available to see on my Facebook page for my artwork and available cards and gifts throughout the year.
I truly enjoyed making this card and it seems to have thrown me back into doing watercolours again. I have produced a few so will post them at some point soon.
Happy Crafting