Sunday, 10 January 2010

Remember to Feed the Garden Wildlife

Due to the really cold weather this Winter many of our garden animals are suffering and struggling to find food. Here is one little hungry character finding some seed and nuts on the garden table. He was the last to arrive, at one point there were so many birds all feeding in my garden it was hard to list them all.
This morning I got up early to make them some fat balls simple and easy to do, using old scraps from the kitchen. These I have now put in the nut feeder which is safer for them to use.
For the fat balls I used, chopped up nuts, breadcrumbs, old dried fruit, biscuits, some grated cheese and melted fat. Mixed it all together and rolled into ball shapes then placed in fridge to harden. Although, it was probably cold enough to just leave them Dont forget to feed your birds this year, I did notice they were going mad for stale bread as well as water, they were even taking to eating the snow for a drink. Bless them.
Keep warm everyone