Sunday, 23 November 2008

Altered Domino Box

I bought some cheap domino's and they came with a little carry case, I thought it would be nice to alter the case and make it into a small jewellery box. So I started to peel off the cheap looking plastic and down to the wood. Then using glue and old bits of newspaper I covered it to give it strength. Then covered in a layer of mulberry paper to give it texture. Finally covering with Silver acrylic paint. I wanted to glitter it up a little so then using light green sparkles glitter glue I brused it all over. Let it dry then added some gems to add a bit more sparkle. The shells are tiny and have a mother or pearl effect on them, I brushed over with the same colour sparkle glitter glue. Finally the butterfly, using a die cut shape from the cuttlebug range, I covered with sequins, sticking them on one by one, bit of a task but better effect than using a string of them. The antenna is gold beads on wire with a pearl for the top, then the body part I used clear diamond gems. Inside I covered with dark green felt to place jewellery on. All in all I was quite pleased with the end result.
Easy to make and fun to do happy crafting.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

For Anna

No matter how much we try there is always not enough time or days to fit everything into our busy lives. Something always gets in the way of what we really want to do or take part in. It's not until something sad happens that we realise we should have done that now its too late. Today I am dedicating my blog entry to a work colleague and friend Anna, who sadly passed away yesterday after a long battle with illness. Anna loved the garden and birds, and once when we chatted over a coffee, she mentioned about the robin in her garden and how it followed her everywhere, we both laughed and joked about how we thought they were there to watch over us. So Anna I'm sorry I never knew you were so ill and I hope you come visit me from time to time as the Robin, some special words for you.

A lady with a heart of gold,
Precious to everyone young and old.
An angel came, carried you home,
Your journey long, the longest road.
Special dreams you once had,
Are still there to unfold.
In the place where time has no end,
You will share with friends of old.
Heavens garden now you keep,
Beautiful flowers you'll sow.
Through the Sun and rain,
It will shine on Earth as the rainbow.
Words cannot replace the space,
you have left behind,
Although we are far apart,
Forever you'll live in our hearts.

Holly (C) 2008