Sunday, 28 September 2008

Birthday Shoe

I was asked to make a special card for a friend, I suggested about making a shoe and this is what I came up with. Working on similar idea to my Wedding shoe pattern (not shown here). Using my own template I used silver holographic card, cut 2 shoes, then stuck together placing a short length of ribbon inside. I decorated with pearlised leaves and tiny rose buds and rose heads, to add a special effect I added a tiny butterfly from pearlised card. Added another pearlised heart shape and placed sliver numbers for 21st. To complete I added a birthday tag using silver thread to tie around the ribbon and placed a tiny silver bow. You can click on the photo to view the detail.
I enjoyed making this little shoe, I will try and place some wedding ones on the blog when time allows.
Happy crafting

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Altered Hot Choc Pot

I found a really nice shaped hot choc pot while working at the day centre so thought it a good idea to alter it into a nice vase
or pencil holder. This pot was from the Options range. Just take off the outter covering which is easy to remove, then cut the top off by using a blade or scalpal, take care not to cut off your The patterned look is made by using alcohol inks just dab on with a pom pom or cotton wool ball. I advice that you use rubber gloves to protect your hands when using these inks as they do stain, hence I had pink fingers. Once the ink is dry which does not take that long then add some gold ink, I used a gold ink pad and dabbed it over for some reason it reacted with the inks and spread out a bit making the pattern look like tiny flowers. I then used my heat gun to gently dry the gold ink take care too much heat and you will have a melt down. I then went all over the pot with a clear ink stamp then used enchanted gold embossing powder and sprinkled all over, then back to the heat gun, this sealed all of the colours and added the sparkle. I wanted the pot to be more shiney so to finish I just brushed over with the 3-D embossing varnish. I added a gold ribbon at the top and placed tiny beaded flowers and the same around the middle of the pot. I used a really heavy glue like u-hu glue to fix the ribbon and flowers. The Butterfly is a die cut out of silver card, I added some caramel alcohol ink and built it up, then added clear embossing ink and covered with clear embossing powder and heated with the heat gun. Gived the butterfly a glossy finish, I attached this with a sticky dot bostick ones work the best and added more glue the leaves were attached to the butterfly so everything is held in place.
Hope you like this project, its really simple to make and you can use other ideas of covering the pots, I also made 2 more using napkins, I will try and add them to my photo gallery when time allows. Most of all enjoy your crafting.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Angel Friend Altered Box

This box was originally a plain box, It held an item of jewellery that a friend had bought, but had a really nice look about it, so I asked her if I could take it and alter it for her. I found some pretty napkins and began to cover the box with one. Once glued down I then went over with a very watery and thin layer of clear glue. To finish I then covered the whole box with 3-D varnish. For the flower this was made using a heart shaped punch, I cut out 12 hearts and layered them on 2 snowflake punched shapes. To complete added 2 gold padded butterflies. For the inside of the box, I kept the original foam packing and glued down, then cut some card and covered the card with the paper from the fantasy range. The angel is made from pearl beads a small 3mm round and a teardrop, with 2 very small beads for the bottom. At the neck I added another gold bead that was filigree shaped to represent her collar. The wings and arms are made from wire. On the inside of the box lid is wording which states......

You always seem to know,
What to do and say.
To make our friendship grow,
And brighten up my day.
I know that I am lucky,
To have a friend like you.
Someone who makes me happy,
With the things they say and do.
In my heart I hold each memory,
That we have made together.
So I know you will be,
My Angel friend forever.