Thursday, 4 September 2008

Angel Friend Altered Box

This box was originally a plain box, It held an item of jewellery that a friend had bought, but had a really nice look about it, so I asked her if I could take it and alter it for her. I found some pretty napkins and began to cover the box with one. Once glued down I then went over with a very watery and thin layer of clear glue. To finish I then covered the whole box with 3-D varnish. For the flower this was made using a heart shaped punch, I cut out 12 hearts and layered them on 2 snowflake punched shapes. To complete added 2 gold padded butterflies. For the inside of the box, I kept the original foam packing and glued down, then cut some card and covered the card with the paper from the fantasy range. The angel is made from pearl beads a small 3mm round and a teardrop, with 2 very small beads for the bottom. At the neck I added another gold bead that was filigree shaped to represent her collar. The wings and arms are made from wire. On the inside of the box lid is wording which states......

You always seem to know,
What to do and say.
To make our friendship grow,
And brighten up my day.
I know that I am lucky,
To have a friend like you.
Someone who makes me happy,
With the things they say and do.
In my heart I hold each memory,
That we have made together.
So I know you will be,
My Angel friend forever.


Anonymous said...

Hi holly
I just left a comment on TC about this one its beautiful - Hope you are well my friend :)
Hugs June xxx

Deborah said...

Hi Holly :-) Thanks for your comment on my postcard. You have some lovely art on your blog. Where DO you find the time?