Sunday, 29 March 2009

New Links

I found some new links that may be of use to some of you, they are listed under the Inspirational Blogs. One being Gossamer Creations this lady also has a link in flickr and creates some beautiful work. Check her out. The second is the Graphic Fairy this site offers lots of free graphics for your art work, she has added some backgrounds too for your blog, well worth checking out.
Well thats about it as you can tell I have been surfing more than have managed to try and do a few altered cd's will add them here when completed. Think I totally wrecked my hammer and punches trying to make a few now I have been given the man size hammer to must admit the one I had was rather feeble.
Well happy crafting all


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Altered book

As I said in my last post I was given 2 little hard board books to alter, so here I have added a couple of pages for you to see, there is more on my flickr pages. You can get to this by clicking on the slideshow on this blog.
The pages were altered by using inks on this page I added some skeleton leaves then inked over and finally covered in 3D embossing varnish it gives a better finish. I have been given another board book to alter larger this time so cant wait to get to work on it. As I have said I am at present time on study for a year so that has to come first, yesterday I completed 27 questions so I can now have time to do some craft work. It may seem simple just 27 questions but when they are on anatomy and physiology not so Also I cant just write one easy answer I have to totally explain myself so they know I understand. Still I hope to get the course done asap. Now I am off to work creating altered CD's today see what they think about doing


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Crafting again!

Well its been along time getting there but think I have finally got back into crafting again. Still dont feel like I want to use my craft room just yet but have set up a place in my little living Thanks to Pattie for keeping on at me and to Debs for giving me a little barbie book to alter, of which has got me off the ground so to speak. I will add some pictures of the book once completely finished to my Flickr pages.
I have never known an illness to knock me off my feet so much and make me go off of certain foods, also to stop me from crafting even though I am deep in study with another course. It must be the got a craving for these now, shame I cannot find a way to alter the I know they are cheep and not everyones taste but enough for me at the moment.
I have missed so much since January so got alot to catch up on including everyones flickr accounts, so think this is enough for now, so watch out all I am

Cheers! Holly