Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Crafting again!

Well its been along time getting there but think I have finally got back into crafting again. Still dont feel like I want to use my craft room just yet but have set up a place in my little living Thanks to Pattie for keeping on at me and to Debs for giving me a little barbie book to alter, of which has got me off the ground so to speak. I will add some pictures of the book once completely finished to my Flickr pages.
I have never known an illness to knock me off my feet so much and make me go off of certain foods, also to stop me from crafting even though I am deep in study with another course. It must be the got a craving for these now, shame I cannot find a way to alter the I know they are cheep and not everyones taste but enough for me at the moment.
I have missed so much since January so got alot to catch up on including everyones flickr accounts, so think this is enough for now, so watch out all I am

Cheers! Holly


Piddawinkle said...

welcome back Honey, looking forward to seeing your work, Siobhan

Pattie said...

Welcome back and about time LOL xx