Monday, 27 July 2015

More Art on Hearts

This time I covered the hearts with white Gesso using 2 coats. Then stamped images onto it with black Archival ink. I used Aqua tints to colour the images and distress inks. I added a little wording to the lighthouse one and some shells from a bag of odds and ends. Finally completed by using a gold buffet paint then polished.
These are great to work on and have kept me crafting for days.
Happy Crafting

Art on Hearts

Recently I made a wall hanging decoration for a friend. Using MDF
in the shape of a heart. I was given some napkins with a sea theme and
used just 2 layers placing onto the heart using pva glue. Then rolled it over so that there were no wrinkles. I found a nice digi stamp I had laying around and used this for the mermaid girl. Using a sequin shell for her hair decoration, this was actually clear so needed to add some colour, I used alcohol inks with a hint of acrylic green and some perfect pearls to add more shimmer. I used pro markers and some Aqua tints to colour the stamp figure. Finally finding a nice brass disc with Believe on it to finish I used distress inks to darken the edges of the heart. Using fibres to match the colours and a Greek handmade bead to attach the fibres these hang down holding a few of he clear shells and a few beads to finish. Really enjoyed making this heart and was a perfect gift to a lovely lady.
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Moment in Time

Recently I demonstrated in a group I admin on Facebook the use of oil paints. I chose to work on a waterfall and this was the end result. The painting is on canvas board. Using Windsor and Newton oil paints.

I love the group we have a great bunch of artists some experienced and some learning where others enjoy to watch but do not craft.

Before I demonstrated this oil I had not painted for about 6 years or more but soon got back into using them again. I hope to do more in the future as well as my normal crazy crafting stuff.

Hope you enjoy viewing my vision of a waterfall.

Happy crafting