Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Dementia Awareness

After working with individuals with Dementia for about 8 years, I felt it would be nice to produce a card to promote Dementia awareness. Alzheimer's or Dementia will effect someone close to us in our lives within time, may it be a mother, father, grandparents, sisters or brothers. It can also develop at a young age too. People seem to forget that individuals suffering from this disease, once had a normal life. Individuals do not want sympathy, they need good care and attention, but with care of today it is not enough to full fill their needs. Many individuals need one to one care, this is hard to do when homes are unable to meet the demands. Seven individuals to one carer is a impossible task for any human to cope with, which means some individuals go without the special care they require. If you have visited this blog to view this card, then I have made a small difference, just by you reading this you are becoming aware!
This card was made with love to all those individuals I have cared for in the past, and still visit from time to time.
Enough said....Holly x


Creative Crafter UK said...

Beautiful card and story behind it.
Thank you for adding my blog to your list. It's much appreciated.

Rita said...

Hi Holly, this is a lovely tribute for dementia people, your article said it all, more and more people are getting dementia, with fewer places for them to go to be cared for properly, sitting them all in a row and leaving them is NOT the answer, they need stimulation..so thanks for posting this blog.

craftyclaire said...

Beautiful card and a wonderful reminder of how these terrible conditions can affect people.