Monday, 16 June 2008

Patties Birthday Book

Well once again I got down to altering another book cover,
this time in the theme of Vintage lady. The back ground is a 12x12 paper from the Heritage range. I used some tags and cut out the lock and keys, then varnished with Anita's 3-D clear gloss. Down the side and attached to the rings I added organza ribbon gold colour. Added lace and finally but not shown in this photo some cream braid. The pictures are from various papers and to finish I added a single silk flower with brad to match for I know pattie loves flowers. The back is covered with same backing paper and lace, with the addition of flapper hat and purse, locket and post card. The text on front and back are in the theme of Memories and read as follows.

'Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us' ~ Oscar Wilde.

'Memory is a crazy woman who hoards coloured rags and throws away food'

These I thought suited am still working on the rest of the set, which comprises of a desk pot and pen. Pattie was delighted with this book and I wish her a very happy birthday on her special big day!!! Lol!!! May she have many more crafting years ahead.

We can't all be stars,but we can all twinkle.

Happy crafting all


Alizarine said...

This book is lovely!!
I've never met Patti personally, (although I'd so much love to do so), but I think this book is Patti in print...
Annie (Alizarine)

Jane said...

This book is a real treasure and I know that Pattie will love it. I too would love to meet Pattie (and you too holly) in real life, one day maybe that will be possible, Who knows?

Thanks for sharing