Friday, 11 April 2008

Opalite Backgrounds

For this background I used Opalite inks, Crystal Blush and Glacier blue, I also used gold Ink it up.

Using black card stock, I stamped a butterfly background around the card using the glacier blue, then using my laura ashley clear stamps I used the bird in flight stamp in crystal blush, finally using a tiny bird with a ring stamp in gold ink.
This background looks very pretty when you actually see it, sometimes photographs do work no justice. I am now going to use this background for oriental atc's, I felt the design went well the the oriental theme.
It's great experimenting with your stamps and making your own backgrounds. Trouble is I spent more time playing than I did producing...haha.
Happy Crafting

1 comment:

Jane said...

Love all 3 of the background papers, and I never knew that opalite ink could look like that. I only have one pad, but I must look it out and have a play soon!