Monday, 14 April 2008

Whispers pens and brads

Whispers pens are great when using to change the colour of your brads. I used Whispers permanents to do these with, and some colours give a translucent effect. I also made a colour chart so that I know for future reference of what colours look like on the brads. There is not much difference when you use either plain gold or plain silver. You can also cover coloured brads too, but these tend to go darker in colour. I just brushed over these one shown here, but you can add another layer, you may want to varnish them first for if you add more colour before completely dry they do tend to become fluid again.
So now I can add any colour range to the styles of my cards and match any brad with the colours of my fibres.
You can also add glitter and if you add small blobs of clear glue you can then add another colour to the glue so you get a designer effect. The choice is endless.
Hope you enjoy trying this one out, I have added a link to the Whispers pens range just click on Whispers on this page.
Happy crafting all

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