Thursday, 20 March 2008

Amanda's Garden Notes and Seed Tin

My friend and co worker Amanda is leaving soon, so as a gift I decided to make her something she could keep as well as use. So I remebered the coffee whitener I had used to make the flower pot and had some note pads in my room. I got to designing a cover for the book and the tin within the garden theme.

The book cover I used a 12x12 backing paper from the Once upon a time album. I then used lace to edge the book and satin ribbon. Around the rings I tied ruby organza ribbon to short ties. The scroll and flower background is plain white card stippled with ruby ink, then card embossed. Flowers are ivory and fixed together with a brad. The butterfly I outlined in Sakura Stardust pen pink and added some flower stems for the antennas. The verses came from the webside listed below.

The back of the book I used the same backing paper. I found a little stamp for a bird and inked it with black ink then embossed using black sparkle powder. The verse came from the site listed above. I used card stock white, used ruby ink pad and baby wipe, then inked around the edge but gradually pulled the ink off using the baby wipe. Fading it towards the text. Then with a lavender chalk I went over the ink edge and smoothed till I got the effect I was looking for. The card was then embossed using Fiskers texture plate, carpet side. Using my favourite Pilot super colour gold ink pen I slightly brused the curved edge, that I created by using my cutting knife. The photograph does this bird and card effects any justice, the work looks better in person as the say.

To go with the book I thought it a good idea to add a seed collection tin. Using the similar effects of the flower pot in a previous post on here, only this time I wanted to include a lid so that it would keep the seeds fresh. I managed to cover the lids original colour of gold with Whispers permanent marker, Red colour. As this was slightly transparent on the gold it gave a nice ruby colour. Just what I wanted. Keeping within the theme I added a stencil of the swirl patten I had used on the front cover of the book, using the Pilot gold ink pen. within the area of the gold leaves I added some pretty pink gem flowers. I also used one on the lid, and covered the centre circle with the backing paper. I used lace to match the book cover and satin ribbon. As it was a garden theme I added a cute lady bug kindly sent to me by a member of my group. The sequin pen is pink in colour and matches the whole set, this I

obtained from a local supermarket store in my town. The back of the tin as you will see in the photograph has got a tiny verse that incorporates what the tin is designed for. I am sure she will be delighted with the gift, she is a keen gardener and now she can save her seeds for the next season. While all her gardening notes can be placed in the book.

I certainly enjoyed making this little gift, I have got more of these tins and note books, I think they will make nice gifts for birthdays and wedding gifts. The themes are endless.


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