Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Making use of Rubbish

A few weeks back, while working at the day centre, I was looking through the scrap box. I found an empty tin and thought I could make use of this.
So I set to working on it and also made it into a demonstration for the service users to watch, and take part. The tin was originally used to hold coffee whitener so I washed and dried it. Then covered it all around with background papers using a lilac theme.
I then got together some bbq skewers these I was going to use for stems, I found some pretty lilac tissue paper and cut out some circles, I folded the circles and cut around the outter edge with crinkle scissors. The effect was like carnations.
Using glue and a circle I pushed the tissue paper to the top and shaped it like the middle of the flower, then added more layers to produce a pretty carnation. Using florist tape in green I wound from just under the last circle of tissue paper and down the stem. Once all the pieces were put together I went back to the tin and decorated it with paper flowers and gem stones, then added organza ribbon.
The tin was filled with oasis for dried flowers and the top covered with extra tissue paper, I then cut the stems of the carnations I had made and placed them into the tin.
This is the end product.
Normally I would throw away these tins, now I keep and decorate them they are great for desk tidy or flower holders or anything else that you could use them for. They would also make ideal wedding table decorations, where you could also place silk flowers or fresh flowers and put them in the green oasis.
Hope you try this little craft idea, its fun to make and the flowers are great to make too, just be careful of the bbq skewers the ends are rather sharp, I cut off the sharp bits so no one could damage

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