Friday, 7 August 2009

Its been so long

Well its been along time since I came on the pc at 2am just could not have been ill for so long over 7 months. After what seemed hundreds of blood tests later and a test not in the best of places they finally gave me an answer...I have IBD also known as Inflamatory Bowel Disease with the condition called Colitis.
Not nice to have really and can be serious, but could have been alot worse it could have been cancer dread the thought. So now I am on treatment of 8 steroids a day and 8 other pills of which i cannot remember the name, at least the steroids are reducing so each week you cut down one until you get to 1 a week then stop.
In all I lost 5 stone in weight and think I am still loosing, but the treatment I am now on should halt this for some time, then it will be finding the right food that I can and cant eat.I will be so glad to get my strength back and lead a normal life again, I dont know how I managed to get to work some days it was becoming harder each day and even harder to get out of bed in the end. Time came when enough was enough and I ended up in hospital for 3 and a half days .So to all my old buddies I am half the person I used to've been to hell and back over the past 7 months but I really hope to get back on track and start to craft again, I know I have said that in the past but really hope to this time. I just want my life back again.


Pattie said...

Great to see you back after the awful time you have had !!

Piddawinkle said...

oh dolly holly didnt know you were so ill, great that you now know what you had so can treat it and get on with your life, it is a very extreme method to lose weight though. My sister virtually turned into a skeleton whilst waiting to find out what was wrong, she has coeliacs disease which means she cant eat any wheat products, because of this I decided I might get it too, so am eating all the wheat I can, whilst I still can, LOLOLOLOL, nice to have you back, Siobhan

Deborah said...

Hi Holly :-)
Pattie has been keeping me informed. I know she was really worried. Thank goodness you know what it is now. Doesn't sound much fun but not knowing is the worst! Hope Jack Sparrow is keeping well :-)
Deb x

andrea said...

hi holly,
sorry to hear you have been so poorly,i hope you feel better soon and it is lovely to see you back in blog land