Sunday, 19 June 2016

Inks and Masking Gum

I thought I would have a try at drawing using Pebeo masking gum. I used watercolour paper for this experiment as I was going to be using really watered down inks and to dampen the paper, did not want a crumpled effect that could happen with plain card. Drawing using just a watercolour brush and using slight amount of gum, I drew in the flowers and stems. After gum was dry (doesn't take long actually) I started with going over the whole area with plain water. Then using varied coloured inks let it bleed into the water.  I used Spectrum noir Aqua Tint inks, the pastel shades to begin with then built up using the Landscape shades. Once the area was dry I then flicked clear water from my brush creating blobs of water on the paper around the base this gave the effect of tiny flowers that I then made more clearer using my white gel pen. The edges I used distress inks first was vintage photo then to darken further I used stormy sky. Using the dandelion seed stamp and make a wish stamp from Inkylicious.  I need more practice with drawing with gum and flowers, although I quite enjoyed doing this sort of art. Next time I am going to try it with actual watercolour paints. Last thought I am not sure if it was the watercolour paper or that I had left the gum on longer than I should have, for when removing the gum it took a little more effort that I thought it would. So might be worth noting if you venture in this design. I have added a link below for the gum I used and where you can get the Aqua tint inks. So on that note have fun creating and experimenting.
Aqua Tint Inks

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