Saturday, 16 July 2011

Where does the time go!

Since I last added anything on this blog so much has taken place. It's been almost 3 months since loosing my beautiful dog Mollypenny, and only now can I feel like placing a small part of of her life on my blog without floods of tears. Molly was part of our lives for over 10 years she was a true welsh border collie with all the traits. She was a loveable dog and is missed by so many in the family now. She gave me lots of love and much comfort when times in the past have been so hard to bare at times. Molly was so very special. She would always be there when I got home and would always greet me in her own way. The time when she became ill I knew it was time for her to finally have some rest and go in peace. She was my life for so many years it is at times difficult to realise she will not be here when I get home from work, or there to wake me up if the alarm does not go off, of which in the past has happened and she has saved me many a time from being late. I have thought of another dog but I feel it would be hard to replace the space she has left behind. The house is so quiet these days and many a time I never know if anyone has called she was always the guard dog for the front door. Molly was and always will be the best part of my life as I got older I just wish our animals could stay with us a little bit longer. God bless you Molly!

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